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I asked him if he would want to get a few friends together to ride and take a nice long ride in honor of his brother and my dad… he agreed. I put it on facebook as an event open to the public and we drew in over 220 bikes the first year! All the money raised the first year went to a local lady who just lost her boyfriend to suicide and she was expecting their first child at the time of his death.. This money was able to greatly help her go through some very hard financial times as well as help lessen her stress in an already very tough time.

The second year we had over 430 bikes, and raised over $6300 .. again helping a family in need after a tragic loss, creating this beautiful website and yet raising even more awareness for the subject of suicide.</p><p>The amount of the emails, messages and comments i have had flood my inboxes after the ride was huge.. I was able to meet some really truly amazing people and ones that have truly changed my life at the same time.. The goal behind pain to power is to know that the power of friendship the power of just a small conversation with a normal every day person without a degree, a badge, a certificate or awaiting diagnosis is truly beyond powerful and has can save lives!

We are a small community that i am sure will quickly become even larger then ever expected ( it already has) we want to let people become friends, become contacts who may just reach out and check in and ask how your day is, become best friends, meet for coffees, share stories or even forge life saving relationships. For someone struggling that could be what saves them.</p><p>It is always easier for someone to jump into a conversation then start one.. We are the voice that starts them so others can jump in and know that they are not alone. Our voice will grow stronger and our ability to touch and hopefully save more lives will get stronger!

annual ride for suicide prevention

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Our “RIDE FOR SUICIDE” event is growing every year. We invited Sarah to speak and tell us about her fiance Eric, who committed suicide on July 13,2018. Eric was the father of 3 boys and 2 daughters. He was also a Master Sargent in the Air National Guard in Bangor. Watch her story of struggle, courage and strength in the video below.


Pain To Power in the local news

Riding for suicide awareness

SUN JOURNAL  By Russ Dillingham

Some of the several hundred motorcycles participating in Sunday’s Ride for Suicide make their way up Center Street in Auburn. Read More

Motorists ride through Lewiston-Auburn area for “Power Suicide Awareness” event


Hundreds of motorcycles hit the streets in the Lewiston-Auburn area to spread awareness about suicide.See video here… Read More

Ride for Suicide raises awareness


Hundreds of people gathered at the Auburn Mall Sunday to take part in the first annual Ride for Suicide.  Read More

Ride for Suicide founder hopes 2nd year continues discussion

SUN JOURNALBy Kathryn Skelton

 With the second anniversary of his father’s death approaching, Nick Danforth decided last summer to organize the first Ride for Suicide in just four weeks.  Read More

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